Introverted | Empathic | Highly Sensitive

Interiors for The Internal

Hey, Rosebud. I am also one of The Internal.

You deserve an environment that both calms and inspires. The current open design trends don’t fit our needs. I am your personal Interior Designer. Let me help you build the Uniquely You interior environment and mental space you want and need.

Quiana handles the many challenges thrown her way with grace and generosity of spirit. You can hear her smile through the phone, and she is always attentive to our clients. I’ve been in the design industry for over 20 years and have selected talent at many levels, so I knew Quiana would be a great addition to our team given her past experience, current interests, and future aspirations.

VP of Sales, Karla Ortiz, of Materials Marketing

Highly Sensitive

You want the space and time to do your thing… but you get lonely sometimes.

People take advantage of you, and you know you need to pull back.

Sometimes the world is just extra, and you need a break.


I get you because I am you. I am an interior designer, which means I solve problems for a living. I have personally created a set of guiding principles and design solutions to use when designing the perfect targeted space for any one or more of The Internal Persons. Here’s what you need to do…

The NICE Life

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Who is QuianaRose?

At this point, you may be wondering what are Interiors for The Internal. After dissecting my own life and experiences as an introvert, an empath, and a highly sensitive person, I took it upon myself to apply those revelations to my lifelong desire to be an interior designer. For years, I’ve researched and found no real connection in the interior design industry that satisfied the needs of inward-thinking people. I couldn’t find space at work. All the new homes I wanted to buy had zero walls. All of the introvert design articles pitched a book and a nook and done.

I created the term Internal to give a holistic description and a common language reference to a part of society that is often underserved. There are so many people who could use this information to help understand more about introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. My online course, Know Your Internal Self, is important not only to The Internal themselves, but to designers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, real estate developers and owners, pretty much anyone who owns, builds, or is responsible for the interior of a building.

I proudly point out the current problems in the interior design world for The Internal. I help everyone to understand the true effects of poor design on The Internal. And since talk is cheap, I am a personal interior designer for my clients to give them the freedom to be themselves, the atmosphere to be productive, and the unique energy they need to feel inspired.

You really want to know my life story? Alright, here you go… ME