The foundation for everything I do.

Everyone knows the term introvert. And a good number of people understand what an empath is. And I believe there are far less people who understand the highly sensitive person. But the world is just now waking up to introverts and their abilities, skills, and strengths. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on how to properly accommodate and elevate the introvert, let alone the empath and the highly sensitive person.
Due to the inconsistent and unfamiliar nature of this group of society, I have created a course called Know Your Internal Self. The purpose of the course to help you, me, and countless others develop a common language and an understanding of the struggles, definitions, and needs of inward thinking people such as introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people.
But first, you must know what type of internal you are, what that truly means, and how to embrace and manage the most common negative side effect of being an Internal–overwhelm.
The course itself will include worksheets and exercises on defining your internal self and managing things such as overwhelm.