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I am the owner of Design A Rose Interiors. I create #residentialdesign and #hospitalitydesign that accommodate the underserved needs of the #introvert the #empath, and the #highlysensitiveperson by creating spaces that help them avoid social and sensory #overwhelm I have researched design for introverts and more for years. For ease of reference, I've termed the introvert, the empath, and the highly sensitive person as The Internal. Let me just erase from your mind the idea that everything needs to be calm, cool, gray, pale, soft padded walls with elevator music to reign in the anxiety. Social anxiety disorder, anxiety, quiet, shy, fear of public speaking, those are descriptors that can apply to any type of person. They are not a guaranteed subcategory for The Internal. We are so much more. Every Internal person I know is deeply creative. Whether it's #writing #designing #drawing #singing or #composing #thearts are endless. We need #peace. We need #focus. The rest is an entirely personal and unique Internal who may love #color #sparkle #texture … We may be in our own little world, ๐ŸŒŽ but it is amazing in here. Tell me about your #interiordesign challenges as #theinternal

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